Learn to Cook Adobo Tacos in a Virtual Cooking Class with entertainment by Wayang Kitchen



What is this experience about?

Join us on a digital journey to one of Mexico’s most auspicious time of the year - Dia de Los Muertos.

Presented by Flavors of Mexico Asia and Wayang Kitchen, guests can expect to learn how to prepare authentic Mexican dishes whilst being entertained by fun activities and light humor - all in the comfort of your own home.

Meet your chef, Ivan.

Having grown up in a family owned restaurant, Ivan's passion for the food and beverage industry was a natural progression towards a career in gastronomy.

Hailing from Puebla, Mexico - the region is known for famous dishes such as Mole Poblano, Chiles en Nogado, Chalupas and more! As a kid, Ivan and his family would travel far and wide to discover the flavors of Mexico which is what sparked his desire to share his cuisine far, far away from his home.

Specialising in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, Ivan has gained international working experience at world famous restaurants like La Sucursal in Valencia, Spain to Motel Mexicola in Bali, Indonesia.

Prepare to be entertained, by Wayang Kitchen!

Bringing a fresh take on entertainment, Wayang Kitchen are experts at providing an interactive gastronomic experience. Their collaborations are fueled towards supporting those in the food and beverage industry towards keeping their patrons happy through theatre, comedy and even mystery!

How does it work?

Conducted on Zoom, our team will send over all your meal kits with printed recipe instructions on the day of the event. Attendees are invited to attend the class 10 minutes prior so the show can begin on time. The max capacity for each household to join the cooking class is 5 pax.

Should you have any dietary preferences or questions about the menu, do drop us an email at flavorsofmexico.asia@gmail.com

What's on the menu?

Dia de los Muertos is all about celebrating those who have left us. In their honor, we invite you to learn the art of cooking the perfect chicken adobo tacos, guacamole and pico de gallo for your amigos and la familia. Coupled with plenty of Matador cocktails and good music, expect some singing and dancing to occur in between your class!

Book your spot on this entertaining culinary journey as limited spots are available.
Fri Oct 30, 2020
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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Online event
Meal Kit A: 20 Tacos (For 2-3 Pax) SOLD OUT RM319.00
Meal Kit B: 30 Tacos (For 4-5 Pax) SOLD OUT RM389.00
Meal Kit C: 20 Tacos + 3 Matador Cocktails (For 2-3 Pax) SOLD OUT RM399.00
Meal Kit D: 30 Tacos + 5 Matador Cocktails (For 4-5 Pax) SOLD OUT RM499.00
No Meal Kit: Class Experience Only (Per Device - Max 5 Pax) SOLD OUT RM159.00
Flavors of Mexico Asia

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